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  1. Special Bargain Judge Wig

    Special Bargain Judge Wig


    This fluffy white wig is perfect for Grammar school productions and is good for a Sir Isaac Newton costume. Learn More
  2. Bargain Judge AT143

    Bargain Judge Wig


    Less expensive yet still respectable, traditional judge wig. Learn More
  3. Discounti Alonge Wig

    Discount Alonge Wig


    Beautiful Alonge wig in a less expensive version. Skin part, long curls Learn More
  4. Bargain French King

    Bargain French King


    Curls on a Budget. Our most affordable curly King wig. Good for Louis 14, Pirate, Captain Hook. Learn More
  5. Bargain Fancy French King

    Bargain Fancy French King


    Nicely Curly men's wig. Good for French aristocracy of the late 17th and early 18th centuries. Good pirate wig or Captain Hook. Learn More
  6. Deluxe Judge Wig

    Deluxe Judge Wig


    Very Impressive and Very Traditional Extra Fancy Three Sectioned Judge Wig. Learn More
  7. Buccaneer Johnny

    Buccaneer Johnny Pirate Wig


    Plunder the Caribbean in this ornate wig and goatee set, with braids, beads and trinkets. Bandana attached. Styled after Johnny Depp's character in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" Movies. Learn More
  8. Discount Judge

    Discount Judge Wig


    Traditional Judge's Wig Very nice discount version. ONLY available in White Learn More
  9. Judge Wig

    Judge Wig


    Fabulous three section Judge Wig. Each row of curls is sewn on. Great product for the price. Learn More
  10. French King

    French King


    Regal long curly wig. Good for The Three Musketeers and other 17th century based plays and musicals. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 15 total

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